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A full facepiece N99 respirator providing an improved shield against COVID-19


 The personal bio-protective mask

Treating seriously ill confirmed Coronavirus patients involves close proximity of the care provider to a highly infectious environment. This is especially encountered during procedures like intubation, extubation, bronchoscopy, and tracheal lavage.  


Disturbing reports from China, Italy and the US indicate an infection rate of 10 - 20% among care providers, at the front-line of the pandemic, disabling the high-value human recourse and threatening the already wore down staff

The TopBioShield COVID mask aims to provide the care provider and the medical team improved protection in a highly contagious environment.

The TopBioShield personal mask provides a whole face, eyes, nose and mouth, all-in-one effective N99 protection.  

Designed to allow doctors to operate in extreme  BioHazard conditions and to reduce the risk of exposure to infective particles during short-term exposures.


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Protect the first-line doctors !

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